The Staff

Mitch Easter is the studio founder and a devoted Enthusiast of Sounds. He thinks the fact that it is possible to whip some vibrations and frequencies and grooves into something you want to play 100 times in a row is an Essential Mystery of the Universe and a deeply worthwhile pursuit. In the studio he loves the Magic Moments and eschews Dogma, while being 100% in favor of Dogs.

Amanda Lindsey, Certified Renaissance Person, is a cosmic biologist and archaeologist, the Force behind Celestogramme, the noted baroque rock band, and Studio Manager at Fidelitorium Recordings. Amanda will get back to you right away and is a master of organization. She will find dates for your session that nobody even knew existed. Amanda is studio HQ and has the answers.

John Pfiffner is routinely compared to the most formidable characters in the Business. He is an inspired multi-instrumentalist with an emphasis on "mental". A virtuoso guitarist, grooving drummer and bass player with a Brian Jones-like knack for learning any instrument in the room in time to add the perfect flavor. As an audio engineer, John is fluent in all modern techno languages while remaining proficient at the Audio Arts of the Ancients. John can see the whole picture. The forest, the trees, the veins on the leaves and the chipmunk's bowtie.

Inspired by the Riot Grrl and DIY underground movements of the 90's, Missy Thangs started her own label and started playing in bands as a Teen. Though the label folded and bands dissolved, her obsession was unrelenting. Thangs graduated from UNC Asheville with a BS in Music Technology and served as President of the Student Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society. She relocated to the NC Triangle where she left the studio rat lifestyle to focus on music performance. After three years with her own band Soft Company, Thangs joined up with Merge Records act The Love Language and toured extensively. Now she is back in the studio offering her bold and fearless sound! Since she began working at Fidelitorium in 2013 she has recorded Ex Hex, Ian McLagan, Heads On Sticks, See Gulls, The Human Eyes, Las Rosas, Flashcar, No One Mind (Toddlers), Finn Cohen, Estrangers, Gross Ghost, Birds of Avalon and MIRACLES.

We Also Like

Jeff Crawford

Don Dixon

Nick Petersen 

Jason Richmond 

Chris Stamey

Scott Solter

These people are all true Stars of recording who work here often. We can put you in touch with them, and many more talented recording specialists. If you need horn and string arrangements and players, we can arrange it.