The Jenco celeste is the Sound of the Spheres. And Sugar Plum Fairies.

An efficient workspace where you have everything within easy reach.
Solid sound from the UREI 813s, and good sight lines right through the building. There is seating for Artistes and Guests behind the work area and a secret microlounge behind the console.

Studer A800 MK IV: the Sound of Planet Earth. One of the all-time great multitracks.


This is a righteous combination- Gibson EB-2 and Ampeg B-18 Portaflex bass amp. Millions of record buyers can’t be wrong- the Ampeg sound is Best! Although we have other bass possibilities here…

Amp Room

Only a small sample of our amps. This is the smaller isolation room.


You can make a record without a Hammond Organ although I don’t see how, really. This is a 1940s CV with Trek II updates, giving this one additional features like Percussion.


The proven Yamaha C7 is a clear and dynamic instrument with great action and a big sound. It is often recorded in this large isolation area with a 16′ ceiling.

Rhodes and Roland

Here is an 88 key Rhodes with recent-era fancy electronics in the stereo speaker box. On top is a Roland Synthesizer 2000, whose name tells you all you need to know.

This 1978 ABE APPARATEBAU u. ELEKTRONIK BECKER GmbH solid state mixing console has the Heavy Studio Sound and is easy to use.

Room and Drums

We have several notably fine drum sets! The 1975 Ludwig Vistalites are being prepared for a “stereo” session, while the 2003 silver sparkle Shai custom kit is ready to go with preferred mic techniques. We have some smaller kits, a couple of huge bass drums, and two timpani.


Tape hiss? What’s that? Dolby A or SR is available for this 24 channel 361 rack. Use SR with the A800 at 15 ips and achieve 100dB s/n ratio!


Broadcast compressors from the Massive era.


4-Star meals have come from this GE® All-Electric™ kitchen!


Front Room

This spacious room is suitable for relaxing, dining, or conceiving epic ideas.


This is the view next door.


This interesting percussion instrument doubles as a staircase. In the case, the Department of Stompboxes.